Hair Combs

Smooth and long hair is every girl’s dream. However, not all of them see this dream coming true because of the increased pollution, poor diet and other health issues. These are the enemy of long and lustrous hair as they make them frizzy and tangled. Are you also experiencing the same problems? Does your hair comb always end up with hundreds of broken hair on every combing attempt? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then Majestikplus has the perfect solution for you.

We offer the best quality hair combs that are not harsh on your scalp and offer to detangle your hair in the gentlest way possible. They are made from the best material and offer a smooth grip while combing. They are designed in such a way that they reduce the hair breakage to minimum.

Our hair combs are perfect for any hair length and type, whether you have short hair or long,straight hair or frizzy, hair combs from Majestikplus would suit everybody’s needs.

We offer two types of hair combs; one being pro-carbon hair comb and the other one being Oil Essence Hair Comb. Both these hair care accessories are manufactured using the best material that lowers the static charge and offers easy detangling solution.