Pro Carbon Hair combs

Majestikplus is known for its array of hair care accessories. One of the most shining gems in our treasure box of Hair Care Accessories is the pro-carbon hair comb. Offering excellent detangling experience without any breakage is the main USP of these hair combs. What sets these combs apart from all the other items is the fact that they are made from high-quality carbon fiber. These carbon fibers make these combs weightless and easy to use. Not just light, these combs are also very strong and durable when compared to any other type of comb.

Carbon fibers used in its manufacturing impart a great strength to these combs and ensure that they last for a long time. Other features that make them so likable are their anti-static and heat/chemical resistant nature. Whether you are a professional salon expert or are using this accessory for your personal care, pro-carbon hair combs would render you speechless with their amazing features.

Many people have reservations about using carbon steel products on their head as they think that it may harm the scalp or be harsh on the hair, but our hair care items are guaranteed to be tender on your scalp and cause no harm to the hair. They would, instead, make them less static and frizzy, thus making them tangle-free. This would ultimately reduce the hair breakage. Choose the pro carbon hair combs from Majestikplus to enjoy the most tender touch to your hair.