Single Brushes

Not every woman is in need of all types of brushes at the same time. Some may have lost a particular brush while others may have used it till the last breath. For those women who do not want the entire set of brushes and are looking out to buy single brushes, Majestikplus is the right online shop for you. Now you would not have to buy the entire set all over again because of one or two brushes. Unlike other beauty accessories retail stores, we do not force the buyer to purchase the entire set; instead, we offer single brushes to cater to everyone’s needs.

These brushes are made with highest quality Taklon bristles that render it a soft and gentle finish. The bristles are made to perfection with the best quality hair that helps them to evenly spread and blend the product particles in a smooth way. They are manufactured under expert supervision to ensure superior quality. Another quality that makes our brushes so different is the fact that they are not made from animal hair. There is no cruelty involved in our brush manufacturing. Now you can get the best brush for all your makeup needs at the best market price with Majestikplus.